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american warriors

American Warriors connects business professionals and executives that have proudly served our country and that continue to uphold the values and principles that have made our nation great. Thank you for your service!

“The land of the free and the home of the brave” would not be in existence today were it not for the American military. From the earliest days of the American Revolution to the battlefields of the twenty-first century, the American military has never settled for anything short of honorable and total victory.

Our men and women in uniform have not only distinguished themselves with their country, but continue to do so in civilian life. Many, of course, are engaged in business where effective leadership, strategic planning and utilizing the latest technology are as essential as they are in battle. American Warriors also provides continuing opportunities for veterans to sharpen their business skills and to build strategic alliances within the business community.

American Warriors members have served in the military or are associated with the military through family or in a professional capacity. We look forward to involvement! 


Please post any articles, stories or information that is relevant to our organization, and that our members might find helpful. To post you must be logged in and a member of our organization. To join please login, edit your profile and select our organization. Thank you! Click here to view our Member Roster. 

  • 10/11/2015 9:42 AM | Martin Hess (Administrator)


    Members of the U.S. armed forces understand the power of teamwork, the relational bonds of shared commitment, and the importance of “I’ve-got-your-back” loyalty. Veterans currently engaged in business know that these qualities are equally essential in the marketplace. Networking with brothers or sisters in arms, regardless of their generation or conflict participation, can be a powerful ‘force multiplier’ for business growth and improving the bottom-line.

    American Warriors connects business professionals and executives who proudly served our country and continue to uphold the values and principles that have made our nation great. 


    American Warriors provides educational and networking opportunities for Veterans who are leaders in business and supports the transition of active duty service members into private and public sector business.


    Veterans help Veterans in growing their businesses and contribute to each other’s professional success.

    American Warriors Club Values

    Integrity: Being forthright in all that we do and say

    Respect:  Treating others with dignity

    Empowerment:  Helping others with opportunities and information

    Value Proposition/Brand Promise

    Information and assistance that creates opportunities 

    Executive Committee

    Membership Criteria

    1. Member: Individuals who successfully served in the US armed forces (Active or Reserve Component), were honorably discharged (or currently serving in the Reserves), and now engaged in the business community.
    2. Auxiliary Member: Individuals who were not personally in the service but were married to a Service Member or part of a military family during a term of service, or supports the military in their community activities.
    3. Honorary Member: Active duty service members who are within 18 months of transition to the private sector.

    All members and auxiliary members must be active members of the ACA Business Club of Overland Park.

    Methods of Delivering Value

    • Monthly Breakfast Meeting:
      • Purpose: Formal Networking, Introductions, and Training/Education
      • When: 2nd Wednesday of each month
      • Duration: 1 hour
      • Comments: Focus on networking and updates with about 20 minutes in training or informational updates
    • Monthly Transitioning Warriors Lunch & Learn:
      • Purpose: Training/Education
      • When: end of the month on a Wednesday
      • Duration: 1.5 hours
      • Comments: Target audience is transitioning warriors, DoD civilians, and family members. Topics focus on transitional areas of concern related to paradigm shifts, resources/benefits, and career transition.
    • Quarterly Lunch & Learn
      • Purpose: Training/Education and Informal Networking
      • When: Varies
      • Duration: 1.5 hours
      • Comments: Focus on training and education on a designated topic with informal networking
    • Quarterly Seminars/Workshops
      • Purpose: Training/Education and Informal Networking
      • When: Varies
      • Duration: 3-4 hours
      • Comments: Focus on training or education on a designated topic with informal networking
    • Matching of Transitioning Warrior to a Club Mentor/Coach: Upon request/When applicable

    * Workshop/Seminar costs will be determined based on the venue, meal/refreshments, materials, and speaker fees.  Intent is to price for value.  Will offer member and non-member rates.

    ** Members’ employees may attend lunch n’ learns and workshops/seminars.


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