Presentation Partners Round-Table Discussion

  • 12/11/2017
  • 12/10/2018
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  • ACA Business Club, 7092 W 105th Street Overland Park KS 66212




On Monday, Dec 11th, Joni Clark Moreland with Starfish Project will speak. She would love feedback to polish her short presentation to ensure she is truly getting her message across. Starfish is an amazing non-profit that connects a diverse group of charitable organizations across Kansas City. Many times, one organization can’t cover all the needs of someone who desperately needs help, so through Starfish’s connections, they can receive a complete solution.

Everyone in business today is a professional speaker, whether you like it or not. We present and represent at every turn. I'm sure you are quite knowledgeable about your industry, products or services. Do potential clients or customers see you as the expert, authority, and leader in your field? If not, you’re wasting your time and your audiences, or worse, you may be doing your business more harm than good!

Communication, speaking and presentation skills are easily learned. The next time you speak, whether it’s a 30-second spot, voicemail message, keynote, signature story, sales presentation, one-on-one, workshop, video business card, or something else, know that you are sending the right message, that it is clear, and that it gives you the best chance of getting the results you desire. Join us and learn valuable techniques for concise, efficient communication. Presentation Partners vision is to help everyone in ACA become a dynamic speaker.

Notice: (Leadership Committee Meeting at 4:30 p.m)

For More Details Contact:

Phyllis Cronbaugh at pcronbaugh@kw.com or 816-820-5196

   Location:  ACA Business Club

7092 W. 105th, O.P., KS

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