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    • 04/21/2017
    • 02/16/2018
    • 11 sessions
    • ACA Business Club

    Business Fellowship Committee Meeting - Boardroom

    • 06/12/2017
    • 12/10/2017
    • 7 sessions
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 W. 105th O.P., KS

    Reserve Board Room for meeting

    • 08/14/2017
    • 06/11/2018
    • 11 sessions
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 W 105th Street Overland Park KS 66212

    Notice: Our meeting time has changed PERMANENTLY to 5:00-6:00 pm on the 2nd Monday of the month. 

    (Committee Meeting at 4:30 p.m)

    Join us on August 14th for a preview of the marketing strategy class, Get Promoted, NOT JUST Referred for 10X the BU$INE$$ that will become a regular event beginning on September 6th at ACA. View the power point presentation that will be used to market the class and give some valuable feedback. 

    The ACA Speakers’ Bureau will be discussed and the direction it should take to benefit members of ACA and meeting planners in the area. Bring your ideas for this as well. bring to all of us and how you can become part of this new club benefit. 

    The Iron Imperative in writing, “Treat the reader’s time as more valuable than your own,” also applies to speaking. Do you get your message across every time you speak? If not, you’re wasting your audience’s precious time and your own. If fact, if your audience is confused once you sit down, you may have done more harm than good. Join us and start polishing your presentation today.

    Everyone is a presenter, whether you like it or not. We do it every day. The next time you speak about your business know that you are sending the right message, that your message is clear, and that it gives you the best chance of getting the results you desire. We want to help you polish your presentation, whether it’s a 30-second spot, keynote, sales presentation, 1-on-1, workshop, video business card message, or whatever you do. Join us and learn valuable techniques that you can implement right now, and have some good fun. 

    For More Details Contact:

    Phyllis Cronbaugh at pcronbaugh@kw.com or 816-820-5196

       Location:  ACA Business Club

    7092 W. 105th, O.P., KS

    • 08/24/2017
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 W. 105th St., OP, KS 66212

    4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

    Short Presentation at 4:30 p.m. 

    You are invited to our Social Thursday, August 24th.  The ACA Business Club Social is a great opportunity to meet and build relationships with fellow members and guests, as well as meet the Club leadership and learn more about all of the organizations represented within the Business Club.  

    See you at the Club! 

    Location:  ACA Business Club

    7092 W. 105th Street, Overland Park 

    (NE corner of 105th & Metcalf in the courtyard behind d'Bronx)

    • 08/25/2017
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (CDT)
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 West 105th St., OP, KS
    • 09/04/2017
    • ACA Business Club

    Our ACA Business Club will be closed on September 4th for Labor Day


    • 09/06/2017
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 W. 105th, O.P., KS

    1-Hour Intro - Sept 6, 2017 - 1:00—2:00 pm – Limited Space - Reserve your spot today. Contact: Phyllis Cronbaugh - 816-820-5196 - pcronbaugh@gmail.com - www.SellingWithNoSelling.com available soon.

    • Learn how business can be fun again when you aren’t begging everyone you meet to buy from you.
    • Learn how to not just get referred, but promoted by people who can’t wait to tell the world how great you are!
    • Learn how to make sales without even asking for the sale!

    It’s time for a new strategy that works consistently with 21st century technology and customers. You’ll learn how you can get 10X the BU$INE$$ while having fun.

    Zig Ziglar taught strategies for networking with referral partners, negotiating, dealing with objections and closing sales in 1975 with his famous book See You at the Top.

    It’s no wonder those strategies are no longer effective. In the last 40+ years technology and our customers have evolved, but our networking, marketing and sales techniques have not. We are insane! (Definition: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.)

    Join me! You aren’t really insane, you just need a new strategy.   See you at the Club!

    Hosted By:  Presentation Partners

    • 09/20/2017
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 W. 105th, O.P., KS 66212

    Brainstorming & Training Get Promoted, NOT JUST Referred for 10X the BU$INE$$ (3 Hr) SEPTEMBER EVENT FREE!!!

    Strategic Brainstorming - Sept 20, 2017 - 1:00—4:00 pm - Limited Space - Reserve your spot today.

    Contact: Phyllis Cronbaugh - 816-820-5196 - pcronbaugh@gmail.com - www.SellingWithNoSelling.com available soon. The Introduction to Selling with NO Selling should be a prerequisite. You must register for this training. 

    • Learn how business can be fun again when you aren’t begging everyone you meet to buy from you.
    • Learn how to not just get referred, but promoted by people who can’t wait to tell the world how great you are!
    • Learn how to make sales without even asking for the sale!

    It’s time for a new strategy that works consistently with 21st century technology and customers. You’ll learn how you can get 10X the BU$INE$$ while having fun.

    Brainstorm your unique Selling with NO Selling Strategy and implementation plan. In this training, the entire class will brainstorm to help you identify your niche markets, develop ideal client profiles for each niche, discover your ideal promoters and the strategies to use to make them stars, design multiple information giveaways that suit your personality, and finally, develop a forever client strategy. 

    Hosted By:  Presentation Partners

    • 10/06/2017
    • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    • ACA Business Club, 7092 W. 105th St., O.P., KS

    The Executive Summit is privileged to have an entrepreneur, Davyeon Ross who will share his experiences with us on Friday, October 6, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. Please join us at the ACA Business Club, located at 7092 W. 105th St., O.P., KS 66212. 

    An innovative technology leader and widely recognized entrepreneur, Davyeon Ross has more than 15 years of experience in the technology space. Ross is Cofounder/COO of DDSports Inc. a team sports performance platform fueled by wearable and smart equipment data. DDSports first product ShotTracker, is a wearable technology that provides comprehensive real time stats to players, coaches and fans in practice and live games.

    In Oct. 2011, Digital Sports Ventures, founded by Ross, was acquired by Digital Broadcasting Group, a top 5 Video Ad Network headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Los Angeles, Calif., Chicago, Ill., and now Overland Park, Kan. As part of the acquisition, DBG named Ross, Executive Vice President, Publisher Solutions. Ross’ responsibilities included overseeing product development
    around the company’s Content Library Platform (CLiP), content acquisition and the syndication and distribution of DBG’s six content verticals within CLiP.
    As CEO of Digital Sports Ventures, Ross negotiated the rights to Division I college sports video across seven major conferences, and set the strategy for the
    company’s portfolio of content and interactive technologies. His vision of uniting college sports and digital media into affordable, turnkey solutions opened new doors for publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to engage sports fans in a
    targeted manner.

    Prior to launching Digital Sports Ventures, Ross served as lead technical and management consultant for eVergance Partners (acquired in 2007), managing
    projects across the United States, Europe and Canada for clients including Research in Motion (BlackBerry), T-Online, Business Objects, Sasktel, Mattel,
    Siemens Medical Systems, Nortel Networks and others. Prior to eVergance, Ross began his technology career as a software engineer for Sprint, playing
    critical roles in the development of the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Knowledge Management applications. A native of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, Ross was a four-year letterman for Benedictine College's basketball team while leading the nation in field goal percentage his senior year. Ross also earned a bachelor of science in Computer Science and later earned his MBA from Mid-America Nazarene University.

    Produced by r2 Video Productions

    Hosted by:
    Executive Life Magazine

    • 11/15/2017
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • ACA Business Club

    We look forward to your joining us for the ACA Women's Connection Pre-Thanksgiving Luncheon. Please bring a potluck dish to share. Thank you and we will see you at the ACA Business Club!

    For More Information Contact:

Past events

08/22/2017 Wine Tasting Event
08/17/2017 Round Table Discussion Followed by Social Interaction
08/17/2017 HRN Affiliate Club Committee Meeting
08/09/2017 KCAUSA - The Purple Connection
08/09/2017 Technology Exchange Community (TEC) Presents: Cyberthreats to Businesses
07/28/2017 "Learn to Invest and WIN Like a Financial Genius, Guru, Wizard, Winner, Pro…”
07/27/2017 ACA Business Club Social
07/18/2017 Business Fellowship Bringing Biblical Wisdom to the Marketplace 2017
07/07/2017 EXECUTIVE SUMMIT: Interview with DK Bhaskar
07/03/2017 Happy 4th of July! ACA Business Club Closed July 3rd and 4th
06/29/2017 Business Strategies Team Event
06/28/2017 The Move Group Presents: Cybersecurity Webinar - "Protecting Your Company from Cybercriminals"
06/27/2017 Women's Connection Event
06/23/2017 ACA Golf Club at Swope Memorial Golf Course - Starting at 5:00 p.m. - Register by June 20th
06/22/2017 Celebrate the 3rd year Anniversary of the ACA Business Club of Kansas City
06/16/2017 Business Fellowship Monthly Luncheon
06/13/2017 Business Strategies Happy Hour
06/12/2017 Presentation Partners features Julie Valluet - You will not want to miss it!
06/08/2017 If Not For Grace and ACA Proudly Presents: Time to Thrive!
06/08/2017 ACA Morning Coffee Social
06/02/2017 EXECUTIVE SUMMIT: Featuring Chaz Wolfe
05/29/2017 Memorial Day - our ACA Business Club will be closed
05/26/2017 ACA Golf Club at Swope Memorial Golf Course - Starting at 4:00 pm on May 26th
05/25/2017 ACA Business Club Social
05/19/2017 Business Fellowship Monthly Luncheon
05/17/2017 Women's Connection Presents: WINE TASTING, FUN, FOOD & BUNCO
05/11/2017 ACA Morning Coffee Social
05/10/2017 "Value Added - An Afternoon with Trusted Professionals" by the Better Business Bureau, & Royal Creations Landscaping
05/08/2017 Presentation Partners features Benefits from the ACA Speakers' Bureau: "Just For You"
05/05/2017 EXECUTIVE SUMMIT: Featuring James Krause
05/04/2017 Speed Networking
04/28/2017 ACA Golf Club at Swope Memorial Golf Course - 6900 Swope Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64132
04/27/2017 Executive Life Magazine (ELM) Working Session
04/27/2017 ACA Business Club Social
04/21/2017 Business Fellowship Monthly Luncheon
04/17/2017 Executive Life Magazine (ELM) Working Session
04/13/2017 Boardroom reserved- Jerry Kaplan
04/13/2017 Executive Life Magazine (ELM) Working Session
04/13/2017 ACA Morning Coffee Social
04/10/2017 Executive Life Magazine (ELM) Working Session
04/10/2017 Implement the Iron Imperative of Speaking
04/07/2017 Executive Summit Presents: Kevin Jamison - Veterans Community Project
04/05/2017 Designing your Dreams: Meet the Builders Presented by The Home Resource Network
04/05/2017 Executive Life Magazine (ELM) Working Session
03/29/2017 Boardroom reserved- Jerry Kaplan
03/23/2017 ACA Business Club Social
03/22/2017 ACA Golf Club Extravaganza at "TOP GOLF" in Overland Park
03/22/2017 KCAUSA Meeting (American Warriors) - Understanding Middle Eastern Culture Pt 2
03/13/2017 Polish the Crown in Your Repertoire - Your Signature Story
03/10/2017 ACA Playbook Training Series: Unlock the Secret To Faster Business Growth
03/09/2017 ACA Morning Coffee Social
03/08/2017 Women's Business Connection Planning Committee Meeting
03/08/2017 ACA TECH Wednesdays
03/08/2017 Marketing and Sales Club Committee Meeting
03/07/2017 Pilates Workout
03/07/2017 ACA Cares Monthly Meeting
03/02/2017 Cyber Security Event
03/02/2017 Relationship Marketing Workshop
02/23/2017 ACA Business Club Social
02/22/2017 Golf Club Event - No Other Pub
02/17/2017 Business Fellowship Monthly Luncheon
02/16/2017 Better Business Bureau Network Event at the ACA Business Club of KC
02/13/2017 Presentation Partners
02/09/2017 Panel Discussion - What is Your Secret to Time Management/Organizational Success?
02/09/2017 ACA Morning Coffee Social
02/08/2017 Marketing and Sales Club Meeting
02/03/2017 Executive Summit Featuring - Rayan Azab
02/02/2017 The Art of Connecting and Building Relationships
01/28/2017 Becky Bridson, Certified Practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling
01/26/2017 ACA Business Club Social
01/25/2017 TEC Roundtable
01/25/2017 ACA Golf Club Meets at Scheels in Overland Park
01/22/2017 Starfish Project Volunteer Meeting
01/20/2017 Interview Like a Journalist
01/18/2017 Monetize Your Message
01/12/2017 ACA Morning Coffee Social
01/11/2017 “Why You Should Add Social Media to your Sales Plan, and How to Do It”
01/09/2017 Karen Reyes Needs Our Feedback
01/06/2017 January 2017 Executive of the Month - judy johns
01/03/2017 Business Fellowship: Bringing Biblical Wisdom to the Marketplace
12/15/2016 ACA Business Club of Kansas City Holiday Social
12/14/2016 Increase Your Marketing Skills while Growing Your Business
12/12/2016 PRESENTATION PARTNERS Presents Speaker, Ron Durant
12/08/2016 ACA Morning Coffee Social
12/01/2016 A Special Invitation for Professionals that Serve Homeowners!
11/29/2016 Wildtree Fundraiser for Starfish Project
11/24/2016 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/18/2016 How to Use Strategic Foresight to Improve Your Strategic Planning
11/17/2016 ACA Business Club Social
11/17/2016 Technology Exchange Community Presents: Hot Holiday Tech!
11/17/2016 "Financial & Tax Strategies For The Small Business Owner."
11/15/2016 Non-Profit Economic Council Monthly Meeting
11/14/2016 PRESENTATION PARTNERS Presents “Living Life to the Fullest" by Phyllis Cronbaugh
11/10/2016 "Activate Your Brains Peak Performance" - David Toops
11/10/2016 ACA Morning Coffee Social
11/09/2016 “Why You Should Add Social Media to your Sales Plan and How to Do It”
11/03/2016 "Financial & Tax Strategies For The Small Business Owner."
10/27/2016 ACA Business Club Social
10/26/2016 ACA Golf Club - Register Today
10/25/2016 ACA Power Lunch Presents "Why Social Media?"
10/22/2016 Becky Bridson, Certified Practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling
10/18/2016 Lee's Summit ACA Business Club Social
10/17/2016 ACA Writer's Club Presents: ACA Book Project!
10/15/2016 American Warriors / Transitioning Warriors: Return With Purpose Workshop
10/14/2016 Private Reservation - Laura Shipman Library
10/12/2016 “Equipping Extraordinary Leaders to Achieve Extraordinary Profits”
10/12/2016 ACA National Board Meeting
10/12/2016 Modern Marketing and Sales Presents: "Why Marketing and Sales Go Hand in Hand”
10/10/2016 Effective Interviewing for You and Your Business - Part II
10/07/2016 October 2016 Executive of the Month - David Elyachar at the ACA Executive Summit
09/30/2016 ACA Special Event Series - The ACA Playbook
09/29/2016 PDC 5th Thursday Event: Unleashed!
09/28/2016 ACA Business Club of KC North Social
09/28/2016 ACA Golf Club - Golf Tournament Sponsors
09/28/2016 ACA Golf Club - Golf Tournament Players
09/27/2016 Coffee and Conversations at KC North Club
09/22/2016 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social
09/22/2016 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social
09/21/2016 TEC Presents: Screen Sharing for Presentations by Kent Warden and Michael Kravets
09/21/2016 Phyllis Cronbaugh - Spotlight Speaker for September 21st WBC Meeting
09/20/2016 ACA Business Club of Lee's Summit Social
09/15/2016 The Move Group Presents: Identity Theft and Your Business
09/13/2016 Coffee and Conversations
09/08/2016 Estate Planning Workshop - Sponsored by Financial Wellness Network
09/05/2016 Labor Day - Club Closed
08/24/2016 ACA Business Club of KC North Social
08/24/2016 ACA Golf Club Extravaganza at "TOP GOLF" in Overland Park
08/24/2016 Club is closed for carpet cleaning (Bocks Steam Star)
08/24/2016 Don't miss hearing Americans for Prosperity Director on the State of our Economy....
08/22/2016 ACA National Board Meeting - Boardroom
08/18/2016 TEC Presents: Small Business Technology Panel Discussion
08/18/2016 Tina Cochran - Library Reserve
08/17/2016 Women's Business Connection - Calling ALL ACA Women!!!
08/16/2016 ACA Business Club of Lee's Summit Social
08/16/2016 Dave Flessner - Library Reserved
08/16/2016 Business Fellowship Presents: Tass Saada - A Former Muslim Sniper
08/15/2016 ACA Writer's Club
08/11/2016 Professional Development Center Presents: Launch! The Secret to Unstoppable Success. - With Tina Joy Cochran
08/11/2016 Business After Hours Event
08/10/2016 Celebrating Heritage Computer Consulting & Services 25 Yrs
08/10/2016 ACA KC North Business Club "Morning Coffee Social"
08/08/2016 Presentation Partners
08/06/2016 ACA Student Leadership Institute: Back to School Skills - No Stress Just Success
08/05/2016 Executive Summit Featuring - Rayan Azab
08/04/2016 Property Resource Network
07/28/2016 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social
07/27/2016 ACA Golf Club Extravaganza at "TOP GOLF" in Overland Park
07/21/2016 Lee's Summit ACA Power Lunch
07/19/2016 ACA Business Club of Lee's Summit Social
07/19/2016 NEC Monthly Meeting
07/15/2016 SkyTec Security Launch
07/14/2016 SkyTec Security Launch
07/14/2016 ACA Morning Coffee Social
07/04/2016 Happy 4th of July!
06/30/2016 Professional Development Center Presents: 4DX - Executing Your Most Important Strategic Priorities
06/29/2016 TEC Forum
06/28/2016 Bring Your Business into the 21st Century
06/23/2016 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social
06/22/2016 ACA Golf Club
06/21/2016 ACA Business Club of Lee's Summit Social
06/17/2016 ACA Consulting with Bob Sherwood - Boardroom
06/14/2016 Modern Marketing Association: Twitter Bootcamp
06/10/2016 Cody Ketzner Library Reserved
06/01/2016 Gathering for Women's Connection and let the Fun begin....
05/30/2016 Memorial Day - Club Closed
05/28/2016 Venture Technologies - Reserved Boardroom
05/26/2016 Join in the Fun... Celebrating our 2nd Year Anniversary!
05/25/2016 The Writer's Club Presents: "Monetize Your Message"
05/25/2016 ACA Business Club of KC North Social
05/25/2016 Boardroom reserved - Becky
05/25/2016 ACA Golf Club - Event cancelled due to inclement weather..See you in June!
05/24/2016 EVENT RESCHEDULED - TEC - A Great Digital Marketing Strategy Begins with Your Website
05/24/2016 Growth by Networking Presents: 1st Time Buyers Seminar
05/23/2016 Cody Ketzner - Boardroom
05/19/2016 Venture Technologies - Boardroom Reserved
05/18/2016 Women's Business Connection - Meeting
05/12/2016 Networking for Introverts
05/10/2016 Modern Marketing Association Presents: What marketing platform scares you the most?
05/06/2016 Inaugural launch of the First ACA Executive Summit!
05/05/2016 Venture Technologies Cinco De Mayo Extravaganza
05/04/2016 Women's Connection
05/03/2016 ACA Golf Club
04/28/2016 Cody Boardroom
04/27/2016 Cody Ketzner - Reserve Boardroom
04/26/2016 ACA Sports Club - 2016 FCA Spring Banquet
04/20/2016 Eat & Education Events for Small Business
04/19/2016 Nonprofit Economic Council Meeting
04/15/2016 American Warriors -- How to Enhance Your Leadership Communication Skills
04/15/2016 The Coffee That Keeps on Giving!
04/07/2016 B2B BBQ
04/07/2016 The Masters with Datamax
04/07/2016 The Art of Connecting and Building Relationships
04/06/2016 Women's Business Connection Hosts Spa Night
04/06/2016 Grand Opening of the Kansas Institute of Neurological Sciences
04/06/2016 Bill Curry, a former NFL player, Speaks at Ritz Charles
03/31/2016 Professional Development Center Presents Troy Burgher
03/29/2016 Need to grow your business? Then don’t miss… Leveraging Untapped Resources
03/23/2016 "The Entrepreneurial Equation Seminar"
03/23/2016 March Mayhem 2016 - Hosted by UDP
03/21/2016 ACA Writer's Club
03/18/2016 Financial Wellness Network Happy Hour
03/18/2016 March Madness Watch Party
03/18/2016 The Coffee That Keeps on Giving!
03/16/2016 Northland Business Expo
03/16/2016 Women's Business Connection Presents: Christine Caseres
03/15/2016 Grand Opening of the ACA Business Club of Lee's Summit
03/10/2016 ACA Sales Club
03/08/2016 The Kansas City Singles Mingle Group
03/03/2016 Social Security Maximizing Strategies Workshop - Sponsored by Financial Wellness Network
03/02/2016 Small Business Solutions Forum - Sponsored by Clients First
03/02/2016 Understanding the Voice of Your Consumer at the KC Chamber
03/01/2016 Business Fellowship
02/28/2016 Nonprofit Economic Council
02/25/2016 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social
02/23/2016 KCAUSA's Breakfast Meeting - Panel Discussion by Military Family Members
02/18/2016 God is my CEO
02/18/2016 Executive Life Magazine Informational Meeting
02/17/2016 The Art of Connecting and Building Relationships
02/16/2016 The Kansas City Singles Mingle Group
02/16/2016 Hidden Cost of Affordable Care Act - WEBINAR
02/11/2016 Professional Development Center Presents: The secret to reaching every goal you set!
02/11/2016 WOMEN'S BUSINESS CONNECTION -Benefit to KC Rescue Mission
02/10/2016 ACA Morning Coffee Social
02/09/2016 Sports Club & KC Royals Legend - Willie Aikens
02/04/2016 God is my CEO
02/02/2016 An Entrepreneur’s Life… 10 stories from the first 20 years
01/28/2016 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social
01/27/2016 The Kansas City Singles Mingle Group
01/21/2016 God is my CEO
01/21/2016 TEC3 Open Forum Presentation
01/20/2016 ACA Business Club of KC North Social
01/19/2016 The Kansas City Singles Mingle Group
01/16/2016 Life Strategies Workshop
01/14/2016 Women's Business Connection Presents: New Year, New You!
01/13/2016 ACA Morning Coffee Social
01/07/2016 God is my CEO
01/05/2016 Business Fellowship
01/01/2016 Club is Closed - Happy New Year!
12/25/2015 Club is Closed - Merry Christmas!
12/23/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
12/23/2015 Team-Prime LINC
12/22/2015 Team-Life Strategies
12/21/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
12/18/2015 Prestige Partners
12/17/2015 Private Event-Angela Cramer
12/17/2015 ACA City-Wide Holiday Social
12/17/2015 ACA meeting
12/16/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
12/16/2015 Pancake Networking Breakfast
12/15/2015 Team-The Move Group
12/14/2015 Senior Solutions Meeting
12/12/2015 Private Event
12/12/2015 Boardroom - Video Shoot
12/11/2015 Team-Synergy+
12/11/2015 Team-Clients First
12/10/2015 Women's Business Connection
12/09/2015 Google My Business Meetup - Holiday Networking Event
12/09/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
12/09/2015 Team-Prime LINC
12/08/2015 "Wellness in the Workplace" Health Forum
12/08/2015 Team-The Huddle
12/08/2015 Team-Life Strategies
12/08/2015 Team-The Move Group
12/07/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
12/07/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
12/07/2015 Overland Park Board of Directors Meeting
12/04/2015 Private Event - Reg Pincombe
12/04/2015 Reserved Meeting: Kerry I Holyoak
12/03/2015 God is my CEO
12/03/2015 Team-TEC3
12/02/2015 Boardroom-Elliott Cardozo
12/02/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
12/02/2015 Team-Financial Wellness Network
12/01/2015 Team-Team TED
12/01/2015 Boardroom-FCA Board of Directors
12/01/2015 Team-The Move Group
12/01/2015 Business Fellowship
11/30/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
11/30/2015 Intentional Living
11/27/2015 Team-Clients First
11/26/2015 Happy Thanksgiving! - Club is closed
11/25/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
11/25/2015 Team-Prime LINC
11/24/2015 Team-The Huddle
11/24/2015 Team-Life Strategies
11/24/2015 Team-The Move Group
11/23/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
11/23/2015 Senior Solutions
11/21/2015 Private Event - Fund Raiser
11/20/2015 Reserve Boardroom - Jerry Kaplan
11/19/2015 ACA Business Club of Kansas City North Launch Party
11/19/2015 TEC - Getting Started with an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
11/18/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
11/18/2015 Boardroom-FCA Board of Directors
11/17/2015 Reserved Club - Soetebier
11/17/2015 NEC Presents: "Networking * Education * Capital"
11/17/2015 Team-The Chiefs of Business
11/17/2015 Team-The Move Group
11/16/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
11/16/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
11/16/2015 Board Room for Client Meeting - Jim Whittaker
11/15/2015 Private event - Linda Gollub
11/14/2015 Private Event - Shaniqua Jackson
11/14/2015 Business Club - Karen Reyes
11/13/2015 Team-Synergy+
11/13/2015 Team-Clients First
11/12/2015 Career Resource Center Presents: Networking for Introverts
11/12/2015 Women's Business Connection
11/12/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot
11/11/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
11/11/2015 The Art of Connecting and Building Relationships
11/11/2015 Team-Prime LINC
11/10/2015 Boardroom-Lorrell Winfield
11/10/2015 American Warriors Present: Emma Toops - "Two Things that Honor a Service Member"
11/10/2015 Team-The Huddle
11/10/2015 Team-Life Strategies
11/10/2015 Team-The Move Group
11/10/2015 Coffee and Conversation
11/09/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
11/09/2015 Senior Solutions
11/09/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot
11/07/2015 Private Event - Theresa Geving and Karen Flower
11/06/2015 Reserved Library
11/06/2015 Team-Better for Business
11/05/2015 God is my CEO
11/05/2015 Reserve Library Room - Rob Garza
11/05/2015 Team-The Home Team
11/05/2015 Reserve Conference Room - Jerry Kaplan
11/05/2015 Team-TEC3
11/05/2015 Boardroom Reserved - Video Shoot
11/04/2015 Boardroom-Elliott Cardozo
11/04/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
11/04/2015 Entrepreneurs Club Presents: George Hansen
11/04/2015 Team-Financial Wellness Network
11/03/2015 Team-Team TED
11/03/2015 Team-The Move Group
11/03/2015 Business Fellowship
11/02/2015 Sports Club Presents Tony Dungy KC
11/02/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
11/02/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
10/29/2015 ACA Business Club of KC North - Member Preview Open House
10/28/2015 Private Event - Oden McGill​ Reservation
10/28/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
10/28/2015 Boardroom-Damion Brown
10/28/2015 Team-Prime LINC
10/28/2015 Boardroom-Life Learners
10/27/2015 NEC Presents: "Networking * Education * Capital"
10/27/2015 Team-The Huddle
10/27/2015 Team-Life Strategies - out of club
10/27/2015 Health Conference - Hear Dr. Ahmed on Tuesday, October 27th.
10/27/2015 Team-The Move Group
10/26/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
10/26/2015 Senior Solutions Meeting
10/23/2015 Team-Synergy+
10/23/2015 Team-Clients First
10/22/2015 ACA Business Club of Overland Park October Social
10/21/2015 ACA Business Forum - Members Only
10/21/2015 Boardroom-Damion Brown
10/20/2015 Team-The Move Group
10/19/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
10/19/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
10/17/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
10/17/2015 Love for a Lifetime
10/16/2015 Boardroom-Jerry Kaplan
10/16/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot
10/15/2015 Event Postponed - Food and Wine Club
10/15/2015 God is my CEO
10/15/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot
10/15/2015 Team-The Home Team
10/15/2015 TEC Presents: Easy Ways to Market Your Business
10/14/2015 ACA Business Club of Lee's Summit Social
10/14/2015 Boardroom-Damion Brown
10/14/2015 ACA Morning Coffee Social
10/14/2015 Team-Prime LINC
10/14/2015 Team-The Next Step
10/13/2015 Small Conference Room Reserved
10/13/2015 Team-The Huddle
10/13/2015 Team-Life Strategies
10/13/2015 Enterprise University: SEO Bootcamp: Gaining Better Visibility on Google
10/13/2015 Team-The Move Group
10/12/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
10/12/2015 Boardroom-Jerry Kaplan
10/12/2015 Senior Solutions Meeting
10/12/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot
10/09/2015 Team-Synergy+
10/09/2015 Team-Clients First
10/08/2015 Transition - Assessing Your Skills and Experience by Emma Toops
10/08/2015 Boardroom-SuzAnne Starkey
10/08/2015 Women's Business Connection
10/08/2015 WBC Presents: Identifying Senior Financial Abuse by Linda Gollub
10/07/2015 Boardroom-Elliott Cardozo
10/07/2015 Tim Anderson - Video Shoot
10/07/2015 THIS EVENT IS BEING RESCHEDULED: Have a Ball with Becky Bridson!
10/07/2015 Boardroom-Damion Brown
10/07/2015 Team-Financial Wellness Network
10/06/2015 Team-Team TED
10/06/2015 Team-The Move Group
10/06/2015 Business Fellowship
10/05/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
10/05/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
10/02/2015 Team-Better for Business
10/01/2015 Oct 1st - For All Ladies: Take the Cami CHALLENGE!!
10/01/2015 God is my CEO meeting
10/01/2015 Team-The Home Team
10/01/2015 Team-TEC3
10/01/2015 Team TED - Enterprise University - Building a Powerful Business Strategy
09/30/2015 Boardroom-Reg Pincombe
09/30/2015 Boardroom-Damion Brown
09/29/2015 Team-The Move Group
09/28/2015 Club Reserved-Steve Greenberg
09/28/2015 Board Room Reserved - Cathy Lucas Team Meeting
09/28/2015 Team-Senior Solutions
09/25/2015 Team-Synergy+
09/25/2015 Senior Solutions Morning Happy Hour
09/25/2015 Team-Clients First
09/24/2015 ACA Business Club of Overland Park September Social
09/23/2015 Team-The Next Step
09/23/2015 Team-Prime LINC - At ACA Business Club
09/22/2015 NEC Presents: "Networking * Education * Capital"
09/22/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot - Tim Anderson
09/22/2015 Team-Life Strategies
09/22/2015 Team-The Move Group
09/21/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
09/21/2015 The Art of Connecting and Building Relationships
09/18/2015 The Entrepreneurs Club and Visionaries Presents: Founder of Mr. Goodcents
09/17/2015 Food and Wine Club at La Bodega in Leawood
09/17/2015 Team-The Home Team
09/17/2015 Technology Exchange Community
09/16/2015 Clubhouse-Tesla Social
09/15/2015 Team-The Move Group
09/14/2015 Team-Senior Solutions
09/11/2015 Team-Synergy+
09/11/2015 Team-Clients First
09/10/2015 Free Workshop by Financial Wellness Network
09/10/2015 Career Resource Center Presents: Tina Joy Cochran
09/10/2015 Boardroom-Kellen Cox
09/10/2015 Women's Business Connection
09/09/2015 Clubhouse-Reg Pincombe
09/09/2015 ACA Morning Coffee Social
09/09/2015 Team-The Next Step
09/09/2015 Team-Prime LINC
09/08/2015 Team-The Huddle
09/08/2015 Team-Life Strategies
09/08/2015 Boardroom-Video Shoot
09/08/2015 Team-The Move Group
09/07/2015 Team-Taking Care of Business
09/03/2015 Team-The Home Team
09/03/2015 Team-TEC3
08/27/2015 ACA Business Club of Overland Park August Social
08/27/2015 Sales Club Meeting
08/20/2015 Overland Park Health Fair
07/30/2015 Identify Theft and your Business
07/23/2015 ACA Business Club of Overland Park Social


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7092 W. 105th St.
Overland Park, KS 66212
(Located on NE corner of 105th & Metcalf behind d'Bronx.) 

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Open after hours by reservation. Closed on national holidays.

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