The Key to Building High-Quality Relationships and Connections for Business Owners, Executives, and Professionals

Since the earliest days of this great country, Americans have come together to form clubs for fun and fellowship. Private clubs have always been the venue of choice for building high-quality relationships, networking, and entertaining. From golf and tennis clubs to city and country clubs, private club members represent a wide variety of industries and professions, including CEO’s, business owners, executives, and professionals.

The American Club Association (ACA) was originally established as an association of private golf, tennis, city, and country clubs serving the leading demographic across the country – private club members. The founders of the ACA had a vision to build high-quality, professional relationships within the private club setting, to create unique and expanded opportunities to entertain clients and colleagues, and to develop one of the most elite and influential networks in the country. The founders soon discovered that the synergy created by their cooperative efforts began to significantly benefit not only their own careers and clubs, but also their local communities.

The ACA National Headquarters was located at the historic Kansas City Club located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City Club has quite a history: Founded in 1882, notable members included General Omar Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Harry S. Truman. However, after 130 years, the Kansas City Club closed its doors. In an effort to keep its outstanding tradition alive, the Board of Directors launched a 21st-Century version of the Kansas City Club – the ACA Business Club.

The ACA Business Club was designed to serve the needs of executives, professionals, and business owners, with an emphasis on professional and business development. Interest in the ACA Business Club quickly grew and, as a result, the ACA is now expanding Business Clubs across the United States and around the world.

Why Join a Private Club?

As a business owner, executive, or professional, your time is precious. Joining a private club can help you maximize your time by providing an all-in-one venue for building relationships, marketing your business, and entertaining. Private clubs offer a wide range of benefits, including access to:

1. High-Quality Relationship Building Opportunities

Private clubs attract a diverse group of members from various industries and professions, making them the ideal place to network and form high-quality relationships. The ACA Business Club, for example, offers a variety of networking events, including Club Coffees, luncheons, and after-hours Club Socials.


2. Exclusive Business Development Opportunities

Many private clubs offer exclusive business development opportunities that are not available elsewhere. The ACA Business Club provides members with access to a wide range of professional and business development opportunities, including Business Development Teams, Interest Groups, workshops, seminars, and guest speaker events. These events are designed to help members stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in their industry.


3. Business Directory

The ACA Business Club offers members access to its exclusive online business directory, which lists all members and their businesses. This makes it easy to connect and do business with other members.


4. Clubhouse Amenities

Private clubs offer world-class amenities that are unmatched by any other venue. The ACA Business Club offers an exclusive lifestyle with an array of Clubhouse Amenities that exceed the expectations of its members. In addition to providing a convenient and welcoming environment to meet clients, colleagues, and fellow members, the club offers exceptional facilities to help members relax and focus during their busy day. The Clubhouse Amenities include a cafe with complimentary coffee and tea, high-speed wifi, a fully-equipped Business Center, and the option to use the club as a Business address upon request. Members also have the privilege to make Club and room reservations, and receive special ACA offers, as well as offers and discounts from fellow members


5. Unparalleled Service

Private clubs pride themselves on providing unparalleled service to their members. From personalized attention to customized services, private clubs go above and beyond to ensure their members’ needs are met.


6. A Sense of Community

Private clubs offer a sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere. They provide a place where members can connect, socialize, and build lasting relationships with one another.

Why Join the ACA Business Club?

Membership in the exclusive ACA Business Club is strictly by invitation only, ensuring a distinguished membership roster that aligns with the core values of the esteemed American Club Association. Adhering to the time-honored traditions of private clubs, prospective members must be sponsored by a current member, who can vouch for the candidate’s character and integrity. Thereafter, the Board must approve the application before granting membership. Individuals who are granted membership represent their respective organizations or companies, reinforcing their professional standing within the club.

The ACA Business Club can provide business owners, executives, and professionals with a wide range of benefits, including professional and business development opportunities, access to an exclusive business directory, Clubhouse amenities, personalized service, and a sense of community. By joining the ACA Business Club, members can expand their professional and personal circles, gain access to exclusive resources and amenities, and build lasting relationships with other members.

Far beyond mere organizational membership, joining the ACA Business Club embodies a warm and inviting lifestyle. The club’s ambiance offers a welcoming atmosphere, where members can host clients and colleagues, connect with fellow members, maximize productivity or unwind after a hectic day. The club’s unparalleled environment cultivates positive and long-lasting relationships, enabling members to share in each other’s successes and celebrate life’s milestones.