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aca cares

ACA Cares is committed to the well-being of nonprofit (501c3) organizations in the metro area. ACA Cares objectives are achieved in the following ways: 

Networking: ACA Cares provides a venue for the leadership teams and management personnel of nonprofits to connect. In place of “reinventing the wheel,” ACA Cares brings together nonprofit leaders and community resources to share effective management and outreach strategies. 

Education: Nonprofits must be proactively engaged in public relations and in developing creative ways to get their message in front of the public, supporters and potential participants. ACA Cares provides continuing education, training, and motivation in these essential areas. 

Capital: ACA Cares provides creative and cutting edge fundraising resources and continuing support for generating essential capital for your nonprofit. In addition, ACA Cares connects nonprofits with the greater business community and potential donors. ACA Cares also hosts periodic events that feature topics relevant to nonprofits and the fundraising community. We look forward to serving you and your nonprofit!

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