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Building Relationships Across America

ACA Cares

ACA Cares is building a national network of nonprofit community professionals — those who run nonprofits and business professionals who help them. We have two primary goals — to support every ACA business club in having its own thriving ACA Cares group; and to provide a robust, national ACA Cares platform, allowing nonprofit community professionals to connect and help each other succeed.

ACA Cares achieves its objective in the following ways:

Networking: ACA Cares provides venues for nonprofit professionals and the business professionals who assist them to connect. In place of “reinventing the wheel,” ACA Cares brings together nonprofit leaders and community resources to share effective management and outreach strategies.

Education: Nonprofit professionals must find effective, often innovative ways to communicate with their supporters and public; they must find their own paths to raising the money they need; and they must manage their organizations with an eye toward constant improvement. ACA Cares provides continuing education, training, and motivation in these essential areas. We provide opportunities for members to connect and learn from each other.

Capital: ACA Cares provides connection to cutting edge fundraising resources and relationships for generating essential capital for nonprofits. In addition, ACA Cares connects nonprofits with the greater business community and potential donors. We look forward to playing a national role in serving our nonprofit communities!


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ACA Cares membership is open to any ACA member that works for, serves or supports non-profit organizations.


Membership dues are included in your ACA membership. 


To join, go to the ACA Interest Group Membership section in your ACA Member Profile. Please review membership qualifications before joining. Not an ACA Member? Click here for more information about an ACA Business Club membership.

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