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ACA Affiliate Clubs, or "Clubs within the Club", consist of Business Club members that share a common affiliation or interest. ACA Affiliate Clubs are dedicated to building high-quality relationships with like-minded professionals through a variety of business, social, and sporting opportunities.

Do you enjoy golf, tennis, or outdoor sports? Do you have an interest in food and wine, music or the Arts? ACA Business Club members participate in the Affiliate Clubs that best fit their needs and interests. This powerful value-added membership benefit adds value by broadening your networking capabilities, expanding your sphere of influence, and enhancing your relationship building opportunities with members, clients and colleagues.

Each ACA Affiliate Club is led by a Leadership Committee that plans and hosts the Affiliate Club's events and activities. Not all Affiliate Clubs are offered within every Business Club. Click here to view the Affiliate Clubs offered in your Business Club and the ACA Affiliate Club Guidelines


ACA Cares is committed to the well-being of nonprofit (501c3) organizations in the metro area. ACA Cares objectives are achieved in the following ways: 

Networking: ACA Cares provides a venue for the leadership teams and management personnel of nonprofits to connect. In place of “reinventing the wheel,” ACA Cares brings together nonprofit leaders and community resources to share effective management and outreach strategies. 

Education: Nonprofits must be proactively engaged in public relations and in developing creative ways to get their message in front of the public, supporters and potential participants. ACA Cares provides continuing education, training, and motivation in these essential areas. 

Capital: ACA Cares provides creative and cutting edge fundraising resources and continuing support for generating essential capital for your nonprofit. In addition, ACA Cares connects nonprofits with the greater business community and potential donors. ACA Cares also hosts periodic events that feature topics relevant to nonprofits and the fundraising community. We look forward to serving you and your nonprofit!


Looking for a professional to speak at your upcoming meeting or event? Here are a number of experienced presenters that you might want to consider. To find out more about their unique and varied presentations, use the information below to contact each speaker directly. 

To apply to become a member of the Speaker's Bureau please contact Phyllis Cronbaugh at pcronbaugh@gmail.com for instructions. All Speaker's Bureau members are endorsed by the ACA Business Club. Thank you! View Speakers Bureau


“The land of the free and the home of the brave” would not be in existence today were it not for the American military. From the earliest days of the American Revolution to the battlefields of the twenty-first century, the American military has never settled for anything short of honorable and total victory.

American Warriors connects business professionals and executives that have proudly served our country and that continue to uphold the values and principles that have made our nation great. Thank you for your service! Our men and women in uniform have not only distinguished themselves with their country, but continue to do so in civilian life. Many, of course, are engaged in business where effective leadership, strategic planning and utilizing the latest technology are as essential as they are in battle. 

American Warriors also provides continuing opportunities for veterans to sharpen their business skills and to build strategic alliances within the business community. American Warriors members have served in the military or are associated with the military through family or in a professional capacity. We look forward to your involvement! 


The Arts & Entertainment Club (A&E Club) provides an opportunity for business professionals, owners and executives to come together and build relationships with others that share an appreciation for the Arts. The A&E Club brings together established and emerging artists to celebrate and support the Arts, and to raise awareness for local charities through periodic Art Festivals. 

A&E Club Art Festivals showcase a variety of media, including the performing arts, sculpture, ceramic arts, painting, photography, glass art, mixed media, fiber arts and jewelry. A&E Art Festivals are an ideal opportunity for artists to showcase their works while networking with the local business community. 

The A&E Club also hosts special events throughout the year including a night at the opera, ballroom dancing, symphony, local playhouses, museums, art galleries and more. We look forward to celebrating the Arts with you!


Business Fellowship is a ministry serving professionals, executives and business owners within the local church for the purpose of impacting the marketplace for the glory of God and assisting each other in achieving true and lasting success. 

This mission is accomplished by providing regular opportunities for encouragement, accountability, business development, building relationships and outreach. Business Fellowship also serves as a tool to strengthen relationships within the church, as well as provides an outreach platform for members to engage and serve those in the local business community. The Business Fellowship ministry is underwritten by your local ACA Business Club. Read more...


The Career Resource Center is committed to providing trusted resources for companies, employees, and candidates by embracing a holistic and comprehensive approach to career and professional development

The Career Resource Center offers innovative resources, as well as meetings and events that provide employee training and connection opportunities. The Mission of the Career Resource Center is accomplished through: Read more...


The Coaching & Consulting Club showcases the wide of array of business coaching and consulting resources made available by ACA members. ACA members are also encouraged to visit the Coaching & Consulting Club Directory featuring all of the coaches and consultants endorsed by the ACA, and utilize their expertise for all of their business and professional needs. Participation in the Coaching & Consulting Club is reserved for those members that are paid a fee in exchange for their time and expertise. The Coaching & Consulting Club meets on a regular basis for the purpose of collaboration, sharing best practices, and learning from each other. 


The ACA Entrepreneurs Club’s (E-Club) mission is to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit among our members. Through its meetings, events, and resources, the E-Club encourages creative collaboration, personal connections and shared expertise. The E-Club inspires professional purpose and confidence, ignites passion, and fosters the determination to succeed. 

E-Club members represent a synergistic gathering of business leaders, community leaders, investors, and small business owners. The ACA Entrepreneurs Club encourages the formation of startups and existing ventures. Participation is especially relevant for members who are considering beginning a new business or are in the growth phase of an existing business, as well as for those with expertise in this area. The E-Club offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. We look forward to meeting you soon!


The Event and Meeting Club (emc) is an association dedicated to building relationships between professionals that provide event and meeting resources. emc connects professionals in the hospitality and event planning industries with networking opportunities to share information regarding their roles and needs. 

In addition, emc provides an educational forum for professionals to learn, to teach, and to have face-to-face discussions regarding the future of the industry. Regardless of your event or meeting needs, the connections you’ll make at emc will maximize your profits and increase the success of your events. Select emc events function as a mini FAM showcasing the leading event and convention venues throughout the metro area including hotels with meeting space, conference and event centers, local restaurants, and other entertainment establishments. 

The emc Leadership Committee is open to professionals that serve the meeting and event industry. As a member, emc offers numerous opportunities for developing partnerships, giving back to the community, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Categories: emc members serve corporate, government, association, wedding parties, social events and more. Categories include: Meeting planners,HotelsConvention and Event Centers, RestaurantsEntertainment venues with function space, Caterers and F&B providersFlorists, Audio VisualLinen providers, MusiciansPhotographers, and any additional suppliers who provide services to create a successful event.


The Food & Wine Club is committed to providing Business Club members and their guests who enjoy superb cuisine, fine wine and good fellowship, an opportunity to combine fun and networking together. 

Wine-tastings, dinner parties, cooking demonstrations with the leading private club chefs in the city, and more, are all available to members throughout the year.  Guests are also welcome. We look forward to meeting you soon!


The ACA Golf Club is dedicated to serving an enthusiastic network of business professionals that love the great outdoors, and figure that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. ACA Golf Club outings are a great way to entertain clients and to make new business contacts. Events cater to members of all skill levels, from beginners to avid golfers. 

The ACA Golf Club also assists members, from companies of all sizes, in organizing and hosting their own corporate golf outings. We plan events all year long, but during the season we hold events at some of the most prestigious venues in the area. Most event are 9-hole outings with post-golf networking.  These are non-competitive events in which the participants can elect to bring clients to play at nice venues and then enjoy the company of other business professionals in a relaxed golf setting. The ACA Golf Club offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. 


Grandparents long to make a significant and lasting impact in the lives of their grandchildren. For this to happen, however, our grandparenting must be highly intentional. We must recognize that God intends for us to wisely invest our time, talent and treasure to make a lasting impact in our grandchildren’s lives – and that it will take a continuing investment of prayer, planning and perspiration to make it happen! Grandparents Fellowship is dedicated to equipping and encouraging grandparents to fulfill their God-given responsibility to bless the lives of their grandchildren and to fully experience and enjoy the blessings of being a grandparent. 


The Health & Wellness Club is dedicated to enhancing your well-being through healthier life choices by providing reliable resources and connections for its members.


The Home Resource Network (HRN) is an organization for the leading professionals that serve homeowners. We focus on adding value by providing home professionals with a venue to network and gain knowledge through industry experts and speakers. HRN members are committed to sharing business resources, educational information and ideas, building strategic marketing alliances, and upholding optimal professionalism and ethics in our business practices.

The Home Resource Network offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, growing your business, and making a positive impact on people’s homes and lives. We look forward to your involvement! Read more...


The International Club is an organization dedicated to serving the International community by inspiring cross-cultural understanding and dynamic connectivity through personal and professional development.

Every metropolitan area has a number of international communities that are eager to interact in mutually beneficial ways. The International Club connects international communities with one another, and with the larger business community, for the purpose of maximizing understanding, networking and personal and business connections. Monthly International Club meetings and events feature the unique cuisines, musical traditions and business practices of the various communities providing our members with a variety of personal and professional development opportunities. The foundation of the International Club rests on the following four pillars:

  1. Serve the International Community by assisting those new to the city in getting settled in the metro area, building relationships and encouraging networking among members, help those in a job transition, and raise awareness for local organizations serving the International community.
  2. Educate the International Community by providing seminar and panels on cultural understanding and the enrichment benefits to the society, cultural training and assimilation, technology and social networking, and additional educational opportunities.
  3. Support New Citizens by hosting a quarterly Citizenship Celebration ceremony for new US citizens in the metro area, offering placement support to new US citizens in the metro area, and focusing on the importance of becoming a US citizen and assisting with the citizenship process.
  4. Celebrate the International Community. We celebrate the International Community through a variety of events and activities, including a monthly event that showcases a different country and culture.


The ACA Leadership Club provides a forum for business leaders who wish to sharpen their leadership and management skills, and offers members an array of training tools and resources designed to maximize their leadership potential. The focus of the Leadership Club is on management and leadership issues in an ever-changing economic, social and political environment.

Can any existing business survive or new venture thrive without effective leadership in today’s business climate? By availing our leadership wisdom and experience to other members and their guests, we assist in developing powerful and genuine relationships in a safe environment.  Our leadership expertise includes but is not exclusive to

  • managing teams (group dynamics, consensus building, project management),
  • performance management (coaching/mentoring, delegation, conflict resolution, motivation),
  • effective communication (giving presentations, facilitating meetings, using technology appropriately),
  • problem solving, and
  • recruiting and selection for today’s top talent.
The Leadership Club is a non-threatening forum for business owners and leaders who wish to hone these much sought after leadership and management skills.  We believe the most effective way to learn new and to polish existing leadership skills is to become acquainted and network with other like-minded business owners and leaders. This simple, yet comprehensive process of meeting and learning from fellow business leaders yields many positive results.

        Please join us at the next Leadership Club event when we make these vital leadership skills and training available to members at all levels, continually striving to develop the “ACA Culture” that will help breed success through continuous improvement, commitment, integrity, quality and value.


        Our Mission: To help everyone in ACA become a dynamic speaker!!! Polish Your Key Note, Presentation, Workshop, Seminar, Networking 30-Sec Spot, or Interviewing Skills 

        Our mission is to help individuals develop dynamic speaking skills and polish their presentations, so they achieve their desired outcome. We can help with a keynote for a conference, sales or marketing presentation, workshop or seminar, interview for Executive Life Magazine, your 30-second or 2-minute Networking Spot, or you name it. Everyone is welcome from novice presenters to professional speakers who are willing to share their experience. Here are some of the skills we can help you develop.

        • Engage your audience in the first 30 seconds.
        • Know your audience and give them what they want.
        • Create dramatic introductions.
        • Use storytelling to make your point.
        • Polish your 30-seconsd or 2-minute networking spot.
        • Sharpen your interviewing skills for Executive Life Magazine.
        • Perfect your profile presentation for your ACA Video Business Card.
        • Develop techniques to generate audience participation.
        • Utilize good presentation organization.
        • Help your audience want to roll play.
        • Generate back of the room sales for profit.
        • Create effective class notes, Power Point presentations, and visuals.
        • Find your niche and become the expert.
        This club meets on a monthly basis. Some group members may meet more often to give one-on-one support.


        ACA Professionals Club is an exclusive group of qualified business service professionals committed to sharing business resources, educational information and ideas, building strategic alliances, and upholding optimal professionalism and ethics in our business practices.

        The ACA Professionals Club offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. We look forward to meeting you soon!


        The Retail Club is an industry organization consisting of ACA Business Club members that serve retail establishments. The Retail Club creates tools and strategies to serve and build relationships within the retail community. 


        The ACA Rewards Club is a special program hosted exclusively by ACA Business Club members for the benefit of ACA Business Club members. 

        To post your special offer or discount for your fellow members, please log-in and post a Rewards Offer in your profile. Then email Support@acanetwork.org and asked to be added to the Rewards Club. View Rewards Club Offers.


        The Senior Living Network is a network of professionals that are dedicated to serving the needs of seniors and their families. The Senior Living Network provides resources you can trust. 


        The Social Media Club is a valuable resource for Business Club members that are interested in promoting their business through social media. 


        The ACA Sports Club is an organization dedicated to building quality relationships among professionals and executives that share a passion for professional and collegiate sports.

        The Sports Club hosts a quarterly Sports Forum where special guests share their life in sports as an athlete, or sports professional. The Sports Club also hosts a variety of activities which include, going to sporting events, watching games together, entertaining friends and clients, meeting and interacting with coaches and players, and simply having fun with fellow sports fans.

        The ACA Sports Club offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. We look forward to cheering with you!


        The Technology Exchange Community (TEC) is dedicated to providing innovative resources and tools to help keep its members abreast of the latest technology – and ahead of the competition.

        TEC is an ideal way to meet and to network with like-minded professionals faced with selecting and utilizing technology that changes at a lightning fast pace. TEC meetings feature experts discussing the latest technology and trends and help you stay connected. TEC offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. We look forward to meeting you soon!


        Tennis anyone? The ACA Tennis Net-Work connects those that love the game of tennis. Monthly "networking meetings" are hosted on the tennis court and consist of friendly doubles. All skill levels are invited. Tennis Net-Work members also have access to special tennis events hosted around the metro area.

        The ACA Tennis Net-Work offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. See you on the court!


        The purpose of The Social Network is to connect single professionals, executives and business owners that have an interest in building relationships and networking both professionally, and socially. 

        One of the missions of The Social Network is to raise awareness for and connect each of the great organizations serving singles throughout the metro area. Every organization we feature has been interviewed and endorsed by The Social Network. 


        The ACA Travel Resource Club was designed for ACA members that work hard, play hard and have earned the opportunity to reward themselves by enjoying traveling to exciting destinations across the country, and around the world. Travel Resource Club "meetings" are on board luxury cruise liners, at resorts, or even in the mountains. 

        The ACA Business Club offers members group discounts to enjoy their favorite destinations at special rates. Get involved in the Travel Resource Club, build some great relationships, and join us for your next exciting adventure! There are no membership or other fees required to join the Travel Resource Club, other than the cost of your travel. The ACA is not acting as a membership based travel club and is not subject to the rules and regulations of such.


        Visionaries is an association of ambitious young professionals, committed to building their careers and exerting a positive impact in their local community. Visionaries is dedicated to bringing young professionals (35 & Under) together for the purpose of building quality personal and professional relationships through a variety of business, social and sporting activities. 

        Successful CEO’s and other leaders in the community are invited to come share their story at the Visionaries meetings. You’ll hear about the challenges they overcame along their way to the top of their profession, and their secrets of success. We also spotlight and raise awareness for a local charity at every meeting. Visionaries also hosts a variety of special events including Happy Hours, mixers and more. All meetings and events hosted by Visionaries provide ample opportunities to network, have fun, and most importantly, build solid, long-term personal and professional relationships that can last a lifetime.

        Visionaries offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. We look forward to meeting you soon!


        The Women’s Connection welcomes business owners, leaders, executives, professionals, management, and women, in general, seeking their full potential both personally and professionally. We are a group dedicated to sharing resources and referrals, building strategic alliances, and supporting each other as we seek to attain excellence. 

        We work in a variety of sectors and organizations and come together to have lots of fun but stay motivated, share successes, challenges, ideas, solutions, goals, wisdom, and knowledge to make a difference in each other’s lives and our community. We’d love to have you connect with us!


        The ACA Writers' Club is a community of writers who support each other, help each other grow as writers, serve as a resource for the ACA, and provide support for contributors to ACA’s Executive Life Magazine. Monthly meetings provide a foundation for a vibrant writing community that benefits everyone. 

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