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American Warriors

Mission Statement

American Warriors provide educational and networking opportunities for patriotic citizens who are leaders in business and support the transition into private and public sector business of active-duty service members and first-responders.

Vision Statement

Patriotic citizens, first-responders, and our military love America. We are American Warriors because we stand up and defend the freedoms and rights afforded by the Constitution, whether as individuals serving our family, first-responders serving the community, or the military serving the country. We are obligated to support those who defend us when they need us to heal, grow, or access opportunities when in transition.


Those who defend us at home, community, and country serve a greater purpose than themselves. This service has a cost to health and opportunity. When our American Warriors come home, we welcome them home and appreciate their service; however, many citizens don't necessarily know them, what they've done, or know what more they can do personally to live in their patriotism. Veterans understand because they've been there and done it - they give back to help their fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms in transition. Patriotic citizens can help more than they realize as they have been home and business and done that - it's what our American Warriors want after their active-duty service.


  • monthly discussion group meetings (in-person and virtual) for personal and professional growth of ACA Club members and their guests
  • monthly educational networking event (virtual) that improves awareness, enables access, and empowers action between the military, military-support, and business communities to support the American Warrior in transition
  • semi-annual in-person social and guest speaker program event
  • assistance to individual service members as American Warrior members are able to support one-on-one relationships


Membership is open to any patriotic ACA Member who wants to live in their patriotism by learning more about our active-duty service members and support those in transition from service. Prior service in the military or as a first-responder is NOT required. 

Thank you for your support!

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Emma Toops

Executive Director

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