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Business Fellowship is a ministry, supported by the ACA Business Club, serving professionals, executives and business owners within the local church for the purpose of impacting the marketplace for the glory of God and assisting each other in achieving true and lasting success. 

This mission is accomplished by providing regular opportunities for encouragement, accountability, business development, building relationships and outreach. Business Fellowship also serves as a tool to strengthen relationships within the church, as well as provides an outreach platform for church members to engage and serve those in the local business community.

Business Fellowship Meetings
Business Fellowship hosts a monthly meeting at the church for church members engaged in the business community that have an interest in networking and building high quality relationships. The purpose is to share, encourage, learn and pray for each other. Business Fellowship meetings also provide opportunities for those with business experience to mentor and serve their fellow members by sharing their wisdom and expertise.

The Marketplace Summit
Business Fellowship values the importance of relationships and, as a result, hosts the Marketplace Summit each quarter. The Marketplace Summit features the business leaders and organizations that are making a positive impact in the community, and provides opportunities to connect with business owners, professionals, and executives from churches all across the area. The Summit is also designed to provide training, encouragement and fellowship with clients, colleagues and the wider business community.  

Marketplace Directory
The Marketplace Directory was created as a tool to connect and build relationships among the professionals, executives and business owners within a specific church, and all across the metro area. The Marketplace Directory can also be used a great resource to refer your fellow church members to your clients, colleagues, family, friends, and other members within your church. All church members in good standing, with a business to represent, may have a free business profile in the Directory  (participation in Business Fellowship is not required). Business Fellowship maintains a strict non-solicitation policy which simply means we are not here to sell each other, but to help, support and encourage each other. To receive a free Marketplace Directory profile and to access the Directory, please contact a member of the Business Fellowship Leadership Team at your church. View the Marketplace Directory.

Did you Know? The majority of the men in any church are engaged in the marketplace, but did you know that today women make up over 60% of the labor force (up from 38% in 1960)? Also, the average married couple now spends a combined average of more than 90 hours a week on the job! The challenge this presents business professionals and their families is unprecedented. Every believer in the workplace needs continual support and encouragement to maintain godly priorities and to make an impact for the kingdom of God. This is a basic objective of Business Fellowship.

Business Fellowship is a ministry committed to serving the local church. Business Fellowship is managed and underwritten by the American Club Association (ACA). If you have any questions or need assistance please call 1.800.793.CLUB or email Support@acanetwork.org. View the Business Fellowship Leadership Guide

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