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career resource center

Resources for Great Companies and Great People

The Career Resource Center is committed to providing trusted resources for companies, employees, and candidates by embracing a holistic and comprehensive approach to career and professional development.

The Career Resource Center offers innovative resources, as well as meetings and events that provide employee training and connection opportunities. The Mission of the Career Resource Center is accomplished through:

Career Resource Event: The Career Resource Center hosts a monthly event that features a panel discussion showcasing employers and professionals sharing their expertise on a variety of career topics, including team building and engagement, the hiring process, resume building and more. Events are taped for the Career Resource Center show broadcast on the ACA Business Network. The event is open to Business Club members and those in transition, and provides an opportunity to build relationships and make connections in a casual setting.

Career Resource Summit: The Career Resource Summit is a quarterly event designed to connect and build relationships between great companies and great people. The Career Summit features a career fair format.

Career Resource News: The Career Resource News provides an opportunity for Business Club members to post and share about the benefits of working for their company, as well as career tips and resources. 

Employer Resources: The Career Resource Center provides companies of all sizes with a variety of resources for their employees and HR Departments. 

Candidate Resources: The Career Resource Center provides job candidates with the resources they need to prepare themselves for their next great opportunity. 

 “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” Zig Ziglar

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