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IRS Increases De Minimis Safe Harbor Threshold

01/27/2017 2:46 PM | Mike Sieczkowski

A new tax regulation effective for the 2016 tax year will help businesses of all sizes accelerate their expensing of certain capital expenditures.  The previous threshold for the De Minimis Safe Harbor allowed for businesses to expense all capital expenditures under $500 -- for the 2016 tax year this threshold has been increased to $2,500!  That's right, businesses can now expense all fixed asset purchases under $2,500 rather than capitalizing the asset and depreciating it over the asset's useful life!

For more information, please visit http://www.evolvefinancialservices.com/irs-de-minimis-safe-harbor/

Make sure to share this information with any customers, clients, or contacts that may be able to take advantage of this new tax regulation!!!!

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