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The Golf club will start again in January but will not meet in November and December.  We will have inside events for  January and February which will be posted on the ACA calendar.  Look forward to seeing you then.

The ACA Golf Club is dedicated to serving an enthusiastic network of business professionals that love the great outdoors, and figure that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. ACA Golf Club outings are a great way to entertain clients and to make new business contacts. Events cater to members of all skill levels, from beginners to avid golfers. The ACA Golf Club also assists members, from companies of all sizes, in organizing and hosting their own corporate golf outings.

We plan events all year long, but during the season we hold events at some of the most prestigious venues in the area. Most event are 9-hole outings with post-golf networking.  These are non-competitive events in which the participants can elect to bring clients to play at nice venues and then enjoy the company of other business professionals in a relaxed golf setting. 

The ACA Golf Club offers numerous opportunities for building relationships, entertaining clients and colleagues, and growing your business. 

  • 05/05/2016 12:54 PM | Anonymous

    Golf Tip Courtesy of "Golf Game Tips" support@golfgame.tips to subscribe

    Here's Today's Tip... How to aim small to AVOID missing Big.

     When you step up to the tee box on a long par 4 or par 5 and pull out your driver, where do you aim?

    If your answer is “in the fairway” or “down the middle” or even “up the right side” you might want to reconsider your strategy.

    You see, choosing a large target like the fairway just doesn’t get your mind 
    FOCUSED in the right way.  Since your target is big and ambiguous, your subconscious automatically assumes that it’s not very important to be accurate, and before you know it you’re HACKING your way out of the jungle.

    Luckily there’s a smarter way to take aim on your tee shots…

    Choose the SMALLEST most 
    SPECIFIC target that you can find.  Pick a spot in the fairway that you want your ball to land.  You can use a dead spot of turf, a yardage marker, a leaf, or even a lawn mower stripe - the smaller the better.


    Even if you feel that your swing isn’t accurate enough to hit a tiny target hundreds of yards down the fairway, it’s still important to follow this tip.  The idea is not that you are going to nail every shot right on the target that you choose - it’s that if (and when) you miss your target your ball is still going to end up in a good spot.Target


    Now this strategy may seem easy, but it actually takes some practice to get it down pat.  The next time you head out to the driving range to hit some balls choose a specific target for every single shot and make that target as small as possible.  Committing to practicing this way will sharpen your mind and train

    ou to seek out specific targets out on the course.

    If you like how this strategy works on your tee shots you can extend it to other parts of your game as well.  Fairway woods, hybrids, long irons - any shot you hit will become more accurate by selecting the smallest target possible.


    To Your Aim, 


    Golf Game Tips

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