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grandparents fellowship

Grandparents long to make a significant and lasting impact in the lives of their grandchildren. For this to happen, however, our grandparenting must be highly intentional. We must recognize that God intends for us to wisely invest our time, talent and treasure to make a lasting impact in our grandchildren’s lives – and that it will take a continuing investment of prayer, planning and perspiration to make it happen!

Grandparents Fellowship is dedicated to equipping and encouraging grandparents to fulfill their God-given responsibility to bless the lives of their grandchildren and to fully experience and enjoy the blessings of being a grandparent. 

grandparents stats

  • Most people become grandparents between the ages of 49 and 53 and may spend as many as 30 to 40 years in that role.
  • There are now well over 90 million grandparents in the United States.
  • About 75 percent of all people 65 and over are grandparents.
  • Increased life expectancy enables more grandparents to impact the lives of their grandchildren at all ages of their development, even as adults.
  • Nearly one-half of all grandparents report weekly contact with one or more grandchildren; 75 percent report monthly contact.
  • Grandparents spend an average of $500 a year on their grandchildren
  • Due to the prevalence of divorce and unwed childbirth, more than 4.5 million grandchildren (over 6 percent of all American children) are being raised by their grandparents.
  • Grandparenting is often reported to be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling roles in life.
  • “Grandchildren who receive more affection from their grandparents have higher self-esteem levels than those who experience little or no affection from their grandparents,”- Longitudinal Study of Generations from the University of Southern California.
  • New studies show that spending time with grandparents results in fewer behavior problems and more pro-social behavior in adolescents. - Journal of Family Psychology.

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