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international club

The International Club is an organization dedicated to serving the International community by inspiring cross-cultural understanding and dynamic connectivity through personal and professional development.

Every metropolitan area has a number of international communities that are eager to interact in mutually beneficial ways. The International Club connects international communities with one another, and with the larger business community, for the purpose of maximizing understanding, networking and personal and business connections.

Monthly International Club meetings and events feature the unique cuisines, musical traditions and business practices of the various communities providing our members with a variety of personal and professional development opportunities. For more information please Contact Us.

About the International Club

The foundation of the International Club rests on the following four pillars:

1. Serve the International Community

* Assist those new to the city in getting settled in the metro area.

* Build relationships and encouraging networking among members.

* Help those in a job transition.

* Raise awareness for local organizations serving the International community.

* Provide additional assistance as needed.

2. Educate the International Community

* Seminar or panels on cultural understanding and the enrichment benefits to the society.

* Cultural training and assimilation.

* Technology and social networking.

* Additional educational opportunities.

3. Support New Citizens: 

* Hosting a quarterly Citizenship Celebration ceremony for new US citizens in the metro area.

* Offering placement support to new US citizens in the metro area.

* Focusing on the importance of becoming a US citizen and assisting with the citizenship process.

4. Celebrate the International Community

We celebrate the International Community through a variety of events and activities, including a monthly event that showcases a different country and culture.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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