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Two Great Reviews

05/17/2016 3:35 PM | Phyllis Cronbaugh

Phyllis* listened to my presentation three weeks ago. A few days later she worked with me for about an hour to tweak it. The next day I had two presentations. I crushed them. The knowledge she passed along to me was very valuable. She knows what she is doing, and I highly recommend anyone who does any public speaking whether 2 minutes or 2000, use her as a resource. Randy Wade, Olathe, KS.

How do you get an entire room of prospective clients on your side? A really good personal story told with passion. I learned this when Phyllis Cronbaugh* coached me through how to create a dynamic presentation. She showed me how to catch an audience's interest in the first minutes and pull them into the presentation. In the end, my first group of clients believed more in the need for my service than I did myself. Thanks so much. Christine Caseres, Overland Park, KS

* Phyllis Cronbaugh is the Chair of the Presentation Partners Club and works with other ACA members who have a strong speaking background to achieve the club’s mission – to help make every ACA member become a dynamic speaker. 

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