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Thanks from Troy Burgher

02/14/2017 7:04 AM | Phyllis Cronbaugh

Phyllis Cronbaugh, you have become an invaluable asset to me as a presentation coach, after you attended one of my ACA Business Club workshops. Having just met you a few days prior to the event, you were introduced to me as an accomplished author and as an authority in the field of motivational speaking. We met a few days after that presentation at which time you shared with me two pages of notes (handwritten, front & back). At first, I was a bit overwhelmed, at the thought that I had done so many things wrong, but I would come to find out that not all of it was negative; most of it were suggestions and positive reinforcements. The main thing that I learned that morning from you centered around being more aware of my audience and the specific message that I wanted to get across to them.  I also learned that morning the major difference between facilitating and teaching. The core difference between both is on the outcome of the event; as a trainer I learned to focus on helping attendees to achieve a specific learned group outcome; as a facilitator I learned to help each member of the audience define his or her own outcome. I have since utilized your suggestions and critiques to enhance my presentations and training workshops.  Thank you, Phyllis!  Troy Burgher, ACA

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