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  • 06/02/2016 10:46 AM | Anonymous
  • 02/18/2016 9:25 AM | Heather La Porta

    Getting people to like a Facebook page for business is hard enough, but getting them to share your posts can be even more daunting. You must do much more than simply post status updates. Many successful businesses run polls, host contests, or offer exclusive discounts, for example.

    Here are a few more ideas to make your posts more likeable and shareable.

    1. Bucket list posts

    There are surely some ways that your goods or services could fit into an ultimate “bucket list.” This could work with exotic destinations for a travel company, ultimate homes for a decorating firm, dream gardens for an outdoor supply company, etc. Allowing your followers to dream big will appeal to their intentions and encourage them to share.

    2. Inspirational quote posts

    There are a ton of clichéd inspirational posts online, but how did they get so clichéd in the first place? Because people shared the heck out of them and continue to do so. So when you find relevant quotes that could potentially empower and motivate your audience, don’t hesitate to share them.

    3. Images that inspire

    In addition to inspirational quotes, there are also numerous sources of free inspirational images, which are perfect for pairing with text.

    4. Posts that make your audience laugh

    From funny memes to viral videos, there are plenty of ways to make your audience laugh. Just make sure it’s relevant to your business/industry.

    5. “Like/Share If…” posts

    If you know you have something to share that your audience is going to love, or that will at least spark interest or debate, why not encourage them to like and share it? Just make sure you know how your target audience identifies themselves first.

    6. Posts that let customers share their opinions

    There are many ways to let customers know you support them and their opinions. If you operate in the travel and tourism industry, for example, you could post something like “You Deserve a Vacation” with an image of a stressed worker, and see how the conversation flows.

    7. Posts that comment on the weather

    This may seem basic and boring, but if you add some visual interest and a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, it can be a big winner that brings people together. Consider finding a snapshot of a scene from a movie with extreme weather to match the current conditions, depending on your location.

    Once you get the ball rolling and start engaging your audience, you should begin to see results from these engaging posts.

    - YP Digital Marketing Solutions


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