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Building Relationships Across America

ACA Business Development Teams

An ACA Business Development Team ("Team") represents one of the most powerful and effective business building strategies available today. A Team consists of a small group of ACA Business Club members that have joined forces to develop each other’s businesses. 

Far more than simply receiving referrals, Team members receive the strategy, tools, and training to truly build their business. A Team is designed to motivate and inspire its members to achieve lasting success in their career and professional life. Each Team member is fully committed to the growth, development and success of their fellow Team members. Every Team is facilitated by a Team Captain during a weekly one-hour Team meetingTeam meetings are designed to inspire, motivate and encourage the players to win the game of business. 

Business flows out of relationships. The philosophy of a Team is that when you focus on building relationships first, the business will follow. In order to build a relationship you must first connect with your fellow members on a regular basis. As a result a high priority is placed on the number and quality of interactions, or “Connections”, made among members. Connections result in strong relationships, which translate into successful businesses.

A motto of the ACA is "Freedom within a Framework". This provides Teams the freedom to create an organization that they can truly take ownership in, while benefiting from a solid ACA infrastructure they can depend on. The ACA TEAM Concept outlines the primary objectives of an ACA Business Development Team: Training, Educating, Advising and Marketing. 

The ACA Team Concept


Members are devoted to training their fellow members about the various aspects of their business, the industry they represent, the types of customers they target and the profile of their ideal client. The end objective is to train (and be trained by) your fellow Team members so that when they meet an associate, friend or acquaintance with a need, your name and business will immediately come to mind.


The business world is constantly changing. Your Team is committed to keeping you educated on the latest business news and information. The latest business, sales, marketing, communication and networking techniques are also reviewed on a regular basis. Successful professionals are always learning and improving themselves. You never stop growing. 


Your fellow Team members are experts in their respective fields and function as an Advisory Board for each other, greatly expanding each member’s knowledge base. Drawing from their wisdom and expertise enables you to make more efficient and effective decisions within your own business. Business and professional issues members are currently facing are shared and discussed.


Members are committed to actively marketing each other by identifying new clients, giving (and receiving) quality referrals, and helping promote and build their fellow member’s business or practice - both on-line and in-person. By combining your sphere of influence with that of your fellow members, you also significantly expand and strengthen your own network. That’s the power of working together!

Team members also benefit by becoming a center of influence and “go-to” person for the business and professional needs of their clients, colleagues, family and friends. As a member, you will have the ability to offer your clients resources far beyond your own products and services, and as a result, strengthen your relationships with your clients. You will also have the opportunity to help your clients in reaching out and building relationships with their own clients.

ACA Playbook

The Business Club assists Business Development Team members in creating their own custom ACA Business Development Playbook. The Playbook is designed to provide each Team member with their own customized business development game plan that covers their life and business vision, business goals, marketing strategies, sales process, as well the necessary tracking tools and analysis to guarantee success. The Business Club also hosts a weekly meeting referred to as "The Huddle", which provides an opportunity for members to review Playbook strategies and tools and explore ways to leverage their membership to the fullest. Read more about what the Playbook will do for you. 

Team Resources

The following resources have been created for ACA Business Development Teams:

Team Guidelines

Team Marketing Strategies

Team Gameplans

Teamwork Quotes

“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.”

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

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