ACA Event Game Plan

ACA Events are foundational to the success of the ACA Business Club and having a Core Group that follows the ACA Event Game Plan is the key to hosting a successful event. The ACA Event Game Plan should be followed in detail by the Core Group. First let’s review the ACA Core Group Concept and the definition of an ACA event.

ACA CORE GROUP CONCEPT: The Core Group Concept is the key to hosting a successful event. The ACA Core Group Concept states that any organization is only as solid as its Core Group. For example the Core Group for an ACA Interest Group is the Committee, for a Team it’s the entire Team and for the Club Coffees it’s the Ambassadors. The expectation is that the only attendees at an event will be the Core Group and who they personally bring to the event. For example, if there are ten committee members and they each commit to bringing two guests, the event will have a guaranteed minimum of 30 attendees. An event should not be announced until there is a solid Core Group committed to hosting the event.

ACA EVENT DEFINITION: The following points define an ACA event. A private event will be charged a Club Rental fee and will only appear on the calendar as (PRIVATE – renter’s name).

  • No Club rental fee will be charged.
  • An event invitation registration page will appear on the calendar.
  • All event registrations and fees exclusively go through the ACA website.
  • Event registration fees are deposited into the Business Club’s bank account.
  • The Business Club pays for the expenses of the event.
  • Each event should have a different topic, presenter or activity each month.
  • Each event should have an agenda with specific time blocks included.
  • Guests are limited to two ACA events per year.
  • Events should include Relationships, Professional Development and Marketing.


STEP 1: PLAN: The Core Group plans the event using the ACA Event Planning Form below. Review the ACA Event Policies & Guidelines. Each event is encouraged to have one or more sponsors.

STEP 2: PROMOTE: The Core Group promotes the event using ACA Sphere Marketing.

STEP 3: PRODUCE: The final step for the Core Group is to produce a great event.

  1. Set up Event: Arrive early to set up the event. Designate a check-in table and sponsor table to display info.
  2. Check-in Event Attendees: Check in attendees. The Club Manager provides a registration list. Collect business cards for the drawing which also works well to use in checking in attendees. Provide a hand-written name badge for guests and members without a name badge. Download Check-in Sheet. Download Optional Event Waiver.
  3. Host Event: Enjoy hosting the event. The Core Group should focus on adding value to attendees by making introductions throughout the event. Follow the agenda that was created during the planning meeting. 
  4. Clean up Event: Following the event the Core Group returns the Club to its original space configuration and level of cleanliness.
  5. Post Event: The designated photographer posts a photo/short one-minute video and caption to the Community group page, and to social media.
  6. Follow-up Email: Send a follow up email to the attendees. Sample – Thank you for attending our recent Club Coffee at the ACA Business Club. We hope you enjoyed your visit and found value making some great connections meeting other like-motivated professionals. The ACA is a private business club which offers a wide range of benefits all geared towards helping professionals grow their businesses and networks through building solid relationships, professional development, and marketing. One of our ACA representatives will be in touch to learn more about your business and will be happy to share more about the Business Club and answer your questions. 

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