ACA Team Planning Meeting

Serving on an ACA Business Development Team is an incredibly rewarding adventure. Your involvement will require your valuable time and energy, however the return on your investment will far exceed anything you could ever accomplish alone. You will be responsible for serving, inspiring and motivating your fellow members, leading by example and creating a positive and enthusiastic culture for the entire Team.

Serving on a Team you does not limit your relationships within the Business Club, however you can only deeper The Business Club is one big happy family and all members are encouraged to support and recommend their fellow members. The following guidelines have been established for all ACA Business Development Teams. We are honored to partner with you on your journey!


  • Team membership is limited to one member per profession.
  • All Team members are members of the ACA Business Club.
  • Guests may visit up to two Team meetings before becoming a member. 
  • ACA members may join only one local ACA Team and one global ACA Team. 
  • A new Team member must be unanimously approved by all Team members.
  • All Team members are highly encouraged to attend ACA Training Camp.


  • The Team Meeting Agenda is used at every Team meeting. Copies are in the office. 
  • The Team Stats are used at every Team meeting. Copies are in the office. 
  • Teams meet at the Business Club for one hour weekly at a consistent day and time. 
  • Team meetings start and stop on time. No exceptions.
  • A member missing a Team meeting should notify the Team Captain in advance.
  • There is no attendance policy unless created by the Team. 
  • If meetings are missed consistently the Team Captain should confirm if there is a fit. 
  • Team meetings should never be canceled except for holidays or inclement weather.
  • The first Team meeting of the month is “Guest Day”.
  • Team meetings should be fun and inspiring – and produce results!


  1. Visit: A guest visits the Team meeting and has an opportunity to meet the members and observe a meeting. Members should contact the Team Captain within 24 hours with any concerns (no response is a vote of approval). 
  2. Invite: The Team Captain contacts the guest and invites them to join the Team. If the guest is not a member of the Business Club they should be introduced to a Club representative for an Interview. 
  3. Join: The Team Captain has the new Team member submit the ACA Letter of Understanding


  1. The Team Captain is the leader of the ACA Business Development Team and is responsible to facilitate the Team meetings and serve as the point of contact for all Team guests.
  2. Team Captains serve on the Club Board and function as liaison for their Team at the monthly Board meeting. There are no additional responsibilities to serve on the Board.
  3. Team Captains are introduced and recognized at the monthly Club Social hosted by the Board.


At every Team meeting each member shares about the Connections they have made with their fellow team members since the last Team meeting. There is a 100% direct correlation between the number of Connections, relationships, and business growth. A high priority is placed on the number of Connections or interactions made among Team members between meetings. As a result of building solid relationships with your fellow members, you will grow your business through an increased number of quality referrals, as well as build relationships with those willing to help open doors for you in other companies and organizations. Using the Team Stats on a consistent basis will insure the success of your Team for the long-run. Team Stats should be submitted to the Club office after each Team meeting. 


The ACA Team Launch Game Plan is critical to building the foundation of a Business Development Team. The Game Plan covers the first 90 days.

1. 1st Month: Focus on following the Team meeting agenda precisely and inviting potential key players to the Team as guests. During the Marketing session select a Club Coffee during the first month that the Team can attend and practice event crashing. 

2. 2nd Month: Begin planning the Team’s Grand Opening. The Team could also sponsor a Club Coffee or Club Social and adopt that as their Grand Opening. Schedule to event crash an outside event this month (i.e. Chamber event). Begin using ACA Sphere Marketing to promote the upcoming Grand Opening. 

3. 3rd Month: Host the Grand Opening.


ACA Team Meeting Agenda

ACA Team Stats

Non-Disclosure Agreement (optional)


  • Show up early and stay after Team meetings to meet with fellow Team members.
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings (Team Huddles) with fellow Team members.
  • Be proactive in making valuable Connections with fellow Team members. 
  • Actively promote your fellow members on your website and social media.
  • Actively attend or host events together, including the ACA Club Social.
  • Introduce potential Team members to the Team Captain.
  • Share your goals with your fellow Team members which creates accountability. 
  • Take Team members to client meetings.
  • Make weekly introductions for Team members. 
  • The Team culture should set a high expectation of success.