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About the aca business club

Welcome to the ACA Business Club! We are committed to making your visit friendly, enjoyable and productiveThe ACA Business Club is a private club dedicated to serving professionals, executives and business owners. We have a passion for helping our members succeed and reach their goals in both their personal and professional life, and we believe in the power of relationships to accomplish this objective. The vision of the Business Club is to help you accomplish your vision. 

In our lightening fast society, it’s more important than ever to take time to connect with others in person – building real relationships with real people. The ACA has combined the best of traditional private clubs with today’s social media and technology explosion to create a private club for the 21st century. The result of this incredibly powerful combination is the ACA Business Club.

The ACA Business Club is committed to promoting professional development and relationships that advance business interests, and providing experiences and educational opportunities that assist members in connecting and collaborating in the spirit of community and trust. Business Clubs are dedicated to providing you with the vital resources and training necessary to take you and your business to the next level by focusing on the following three pillars.

  Relationships: The philosophy of the Business Club is that business flows out of relationships. Consequently, we are committed to creating solid connections and building high-quality relationships for our members. You will also increase the number of your quality business relationships by learning – and practicing – the fundamentals of strategic networking and relationship building. 

  Professional Development: Successful executives and professionals understand the importance of improving themselves personally, and professionally. Therefore, the Business Club provides on-going training and development opportunities. You will also enhance and develop your business skills and expertise through continuing interaction with a team of professionals committed to your success. 

  Marketing: Market your business and set yourself apart from the competition through a variety of powerful and proven marketing strategies. The Business Club will provide you with the strategic tools and strategies to effectively market their business, and will create a customized business development plan for every member that wishes to take their business to the next level.

Far more than simply joining an organization, membership in an ACA Business Club is a lifestyle. The ACA Business Club provides a warm venue to meet clients and colleagues, connect with fellow members, get some work done, or simply a place to relax between meetings. It’s a friendly environment to build relationships and celebrate life’s journey with fellow members committed to your success.

We look forward to serving you and your business!

ACA Board of Directors

"Our Vision is to help you accomplish your Vision!"


Since the earliest days of this great country Americans have come together to form clubs for fun and fellowship. Private clubs have always been the venue of choice for building high quality relationships, networking and entertaining.

The American Club Association (ACA) was originally established as an association of private golf, tennis, city and country clubs serving the leading demographic across the country - private club members. Private club members represent a wide variety of industries and professions, including CEO's, business owners, executives, professionals, and more.

The founders of the ACA had a vision to build high quality, professional relationships within the private club setting, to create unique and expanded opportunities to entertain clients and

colleagues, and to develop one of the most elite and influential networks in the country. The founders soon discovered that the synergy created by their cooperative efforts began to significantly benefit not only their own careers and clubs, but also their local communities. 

The ACA National Headquarters was located at the historic Kansas City Club located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City Club has quite a history: Founded in 1882, notable members included General Omar Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman. However, after 130 years the Kansas City Club closed its doors. In an effort to keep its outstanding tradition alive, the Board of Directors launched a 21st-Century version of the Kansas City Club - the ACA Business Club.

The ACA Business Club was designed to serve the needs of executives, professionals and business owners, with an emphasis on professional and business development. Interest in the ACA Business Club quickly grew and, as a result, the ACA is now expanding Business Clubs across the nation. 


From the beginning, the ACA has been committed to the highest standards of integrity, service and excellence, as well as upholding the values and traditions of private clubsThere are, of course, many outstanding private clubs across the country, however the ACA Business Club is unique in the following ways:

  • Cafe: The ACA Business Club has the look and feel of a retail coffee shop or cafe, but only members and their guests have access. Members utilize the Club as a place to work and to meet with clients and colleagues just like they would use a cafe. Club amenities include cafe, boardroom, high speed internet, complimentary coffee and tea, and an ACA Business CenterAll guests must be accompanied by a member, and may attend up to two ACA Business Club meetings and events per year.
  • Culture: The Business Club is focused on providing a dynamic environment conducive to personal and professional success, and has the friendliest and most encouraging members in the country. This culture is strengthened by a non-solicitation policy, i.e. members are not there to sell each other, but are committed to serve, support and encourage their fellow members. 
  • Cost: The Business Club is more "Main Street" than "Wall Street." As a result, membership is about half the cost of most private clubs.


Membership in an ACA Business Club is by invitation only, assuring a membership roster compatible with the core values of the American Club Association. In the tradition of private clubs, candidates for membership must be sponsored by a current member willing to place their reputation on the line for the candidate, and then approved by the Board of Directors. Members join as individuals, then represent their company or organization. The following outlines the steps to join the Business Club. 
  1. Interview: Schedule an interview with an ACA Club Pro at the ACA Business Club. The purpose of the Interview is to share your professional vision, goals and objectives, learn more about the benefits of membership and how it can help you achieve your goals, and explore if there is a fit. Membership in the Business Club is by invitation only. If you are a fit with the Club, you may receive an ACA Letter of Invitation to apply from your Club Pro at the end of your interview. 
  2. Application: Your Club Pro will schedule a follow-up time to answer any additional questions you may have, and assist you with the Membership Application should you decide to move forward with the process. Please allow 3-5 business days for Board approval.
  3. Orientation: Once approved your Club Pro will schedule a Membership Orientation for you. The purpose of the Orientation is to develop a solid strategy and gameplan to leverage the value of your membership to the fullest. During the Orientation you will be invited to the upcoming Club Social where you will be introduced to all of the Club members and welcomed into the Club. 

To schedule an interview please contact your local ACA Business Club or Contact Us.


The ACA Business Club and its staff are strongly committed to the following Core Values as they serve the Business Club members. 

  • Service: Going above and beyond in serving member needs.
  • Integrity: Operating with the highest integrity in all interactions. 
  • Excellence: Striving for excellence every day.

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