ACA Business Club Rental

The ACA Business Club (“Club”) is designed to serve as a convenient venue to host your private events including seminars, workshops, corporate events, receptions, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, showers and more. You may rent the Business Club for a non-member as long as you are also willing to take responsibility and assume liability for the event. Thank you for considering the Business Club as your event venue. Please follow these steps to host your private event.

Step 1: Review Event: Meet with your Club Manager to discuss your event details, review the calendar for available dates, and review the ACA Business Club Event Policies and Guidelines.

Step 2: Sign Agreement: Complete and submit the ACA Business Club Rental Agreement below.

Step 3: Pay Invoice: Your Club Manager will email/text you a Club Rental invoice to be paid in full within seven business days. (Club Manager: Payments – Invoices – +New – Configure Invoice – Save – Send)

Step 4: Post to Calendar: Your Club Manager will post your event to the Club Calendar (listed as PRIVATE EVENT – Your Name). If the invoice is not paid in full within seven business days the ACA Business Club Rental Agreement will be voided and the event will be removed from the calendar.

Step 5: Enjoy: Enjoy hosting your event at the Business Club!

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